Whether it is a single garage, a multi car garage or anything in between, we can help you come up with a design that is right for you.

can be made to your exact requirements with regards to:

Single Garage

  • Extremely efficient cost effective design for simple household storage.
  • Ideal for the protection of that special car, boat or bike.
  • Skylights are available for providing natural light.
  • Flexible design allowing the movement of personal access doors and windows to suit your specific requirements.

Double Garage

  • Removable centre mullion makes two front doors into one large door.
  • Perfect for storage of 2 cars or 1 car and a work area.
  • Can be internally partioned to create 2 spaces.

Triple Garage

  • A two car garage is fine, until you get that boat or motorhome. Add on as many doors as you like.
  • Roller door size not big enough? Make it taller. With a Pennant Buildings shed you can make the height of your shed and/or roller doors as high as you like.
  • Combine your car garage with a storage area. Make your shed as large as you like.

Multiple Garage

  • Adding extra length and access is no problem and allows you to customise and design the perfect garage for your needs.
  • Additional bays and length can be added in the future, making your design flexible and cash flow friendly.
  • Ideal for self storage centres and other commercial applications.

Garages with Lean-To's and Canopies

  • Garages can be customized with addition of lean-to's to either or both sides.
  • Garages can be customized with open canopies to the front.
  • Contact Us for details.